Library  Services & Facilities

Library provides quiet, clean and friendly environment for reference and reading. Following services & facilities are provided by the Library:

  • Membership provided Outside SAI: Sports Library also provide membership outside SAI to promote the usage of library resources. A person can obtain temporary library membership by depositing an amount of Rs. 5000/- as security deposit which would be refundable. 


  • Open Access System: The library has OPEN ACCESS System in which the readers are allowed to go to the shelves to select the books they wish to read, and also to examine those that are available, to browse to learn about the varied materials available. The books are arranged alphabetically by subject.


  • Lending Facilities: Registered members of Library may borrow two books for a fortnight & two journals/ magazines for a week at a time which can be renewed subsequently twice (if there is no prior reservation for the same), retaining a title for total of 45 days at a stretch. 


  • Resource Sharing: Library provides resource sharing facility to all Delhi based SAI employees who can borrow books on their desired subjects
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  • Reference Service: Reference service is provided to the readers/ visitors who are interested in reading / consulting library resources & services and extend necessary assistance to users in locating information or document of their choice. 


  • Current Awareness Service (CAS): CAS includes listing of newly added books which is circulated among the employees, coaches & display of newly acquired journals & Magazines.


  • Open Access Public Catalogue (OPAC): The entire Library collection including books, journals, etc. can be searched through the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). Users can access the OPAC to find out the real-time availability of library materials from their own computer terminals.