Library Rules & Regulations

Working Hours:

The Library remains open from Monday To Friday: 09:30 AM Till 6:00 PM

General Instructions:

  • Every person who enters in the Library shall sign in the visitors register at the library entrance counter.
  • Before entering the Library the users shall show/ handover their personal books, bags etc. to
    the library staff at the check point / counter.
  • Bags are to be deposited by taking out valuable materials like money, mobile phones, electronic gazettes if any. Library will take no responsibility for any kind of loss of personal belongings
  • Users will be responsible for their own goods belongings inside the library.
  • All trainees are required to show their ID Card at the library entrance counter.
  • Mobile phones and other devices likely to cause disturbance shall always be in silent mode.
  • The reading material is not to be kept back in shelves after use. It is left on the reading table for the library staff to stack properly.
  • Smoking and eating in the Library premises are strictly prohibited.
  • All Library users are required to maintain a quiet atmosphere in the Library.
  • Visitor or guest member from other organizations, academic or research institute is allowed to use the library facilities provided only with the prior permission from the Librarian. No borrowing facility is available to the visitors.

Membership Rules:

  • All officers, staff, coaches of organization can freely register themselves for the membership of library by filling-up the library membership form.
  • The Library also provide membership outside SAI on request basis who have genuine need to use library material by depositing an amount of Rs. 5000/- as one
    time security deposit which would be refundable whenever the person withdraw his/ her membership.To know more about library Membership click here.(give a
    link of library membership).
  • Reference Rules:

    • Books of Reference and rare books shall not be lent out of the library.
    • Library staff will assist the readers in locating their desired information sources on the subject of their study and research.
    • The members of federations/ trainees and non-library members may use the library for reference purposes especially after obtaining permission from the Librarian.

    Borrowing Rules:

    • Members of Library may borrow two books at a time for a fortnight, which can be renewed subsequently twice (if there is no prior reservation for them), retaining a title for total of 45 days at a stretch.
    • Latest issues of journals/ magazines will not be issued,they may be consulted in the reading room of the Library.Back issues may be issued for a week, which can also
      be renewed twice.
    • Reference and rare books will not be issued. They should be consulted only in the library.
    • A member may reserve the books by login into their library account on sports elibrary or by sending an email to the library
    • The borrower must return the book(s) to the library before proceeding on long leave or going abroad
    • If a book is not returned within three months from the date of issue after sending the repetitive overdue reminders, the cost of the book(s) will be recovered from the salary of the borrower under intimation to her/ him.

    Use of Personal Laptops & Internet:

    • The users are allowed to bring their personal Laptops inside the library but they should not disturb the other readers and should maintain the silent environment in the library.
    • Internet access will not be provided to the visitors/ non-users of the library.