The Institute Library was established in 1961 with the object of academically supporting the Coaches, Teachers, Scientists, Research Scholars, Students. The Library is specialized Library in the field of sports & games. The sports persons/Research scholars visit the Library from all over the country with assignments and they feel satisfy after using the Library. They are being assisted by the Library staff to retrieve the literature of their interest. The library is using SOUL 2.0 (Software for University Libraries) to perform the library functions.

Resources of Library:

The books are available in the Library on the following subjects: 

1. Athletics
2. Archery
3. Badminton
4. Boxing
5. Basketball
6. Chess
7. Cricket
8. Cycling
9. Fencing
10. Football
11. Gymnastics
12. Golf
13. Handball
14. Hockey
15. Judo
16. Lawn Tennis
17. Swimming
18. Table Tennis
19. Volleyball
20. Wushu
21. Wrestling
22. Weightlifting
23. Yoga
24. Billiards
25. Mountaineering
26. Physical Fitness
27. Sports Sociology
28. Sports Psychology
29. Training method
30. Health
31. Research
32. Physical Education
33. Sports Medicine
34. Anatomy
35. Physiology
36. Biomechanics
37. Biochemistry
38. Medical
39. Kinesiology
40. Biology
41. Food & Nutrition
42. Test & Measurement
43. Thesis
44. Kho-Kho
45. Computer
46. Encyclopedia
47. Yachting
49. Rowing
50. Squash
51. Skating
52. Asian Games
53. Commonwealth Games
54. Olympic Games
55. Kabaddi
56. Equestrian
57. Snooker etc.

Journals/ Magazines subscribed by the Library: 

1. New Studies in Athletics
2. Track & Field News
3. Coach & athletic Director
4. Modern athlete and coach
5. Boxing Monthly
6. Bicycling
7. Winning Hoops (Basketball)
8. Cricketer
9. World of Soccer
10. World of Gymnastics
11. International Gymnast
12. Tennis

13. Swimming Times
14. Swimming World
15. World Weightlifting
16. International Journal of Sports Psychology
17. Journal of Sports Medicine & Physical Fitness
18. Journal of Physical Education Recreation and Dance
19. Research quarterly for exercise and sport
20. Strength & conditioning Journal
21. Journal of Sports Research
22. Muscular Development
23. Coaching Volleyball
24. Swamysnews
25. Cricket Today
26. Sports Star
27. India Today
28. Readers Digest
29. Health
30. The Week
31. Grehsobha (Hindi)
32. Kadambini (Hindi)
33. Outlook Hindi
34. Arogya Sanjivini (Hindi)
35. Cricket Today
36. Sports Plus

Newspapers subscribed by the Library:

1. The Tribune
2. Indian Express
3. Hindustan Times
4. Times of India

5. The Hindu
6. Dainik Bhaskar
7. Amar Ujala
8. Dainik Jagran
9. Punjab Kesri
10. Employment News
11. Daily Ajit

Services & facilities provided by the Library:

Ready and long range reference services is being provided by the Library staff in the Main reading Hall and Library provides reprographic services to readers, they can get Xerox copy of reading materials. Books are issued to members for home use as per Library rules and regulations.

Rules and regulations of Library

Library Membership Form

Library Timings:

9.30 AM to 6.00 PM on all days of the week.
Issue counter 10.00 AM to 5.30 PM

Library Holidays

All Gazetted Holidays of Central Govt.

Users & their privileges:

1. The readers are welcome to utilize the services offered by the Institute Library.
2. A person willing to become a member has to apply for membership on a prescribed form available the circulation counter of the Library.
3. Library membership is open to all the Coaches, Teachers, Scientists, Research fellows and staff members posted at SAI NSNIS, Patiala.
4. Borrowers has to obtain NOC from the Library as and when they are transferred/retired from the Institute.

Conditions of Loan:

1. Current, bound volumes & rare books are not issued for home use.
2. Certain categories of material particularly Reference Books & damaged books are not ordinarily issued for home use. This type of material is issued as decided by the Librarian for a specific period.
3. The books borrowed by the members are not to be sublet.
4. The books are not to be retained beyond the due dates. An overdue fine of Rs.5.00 per book per day will be charged on the books retained beyond the due dates.
5. In case the book lost by the borrowers, he/she has to replace the books with new edition or a nalty of Rs.1000 will be charged alongwith the cost of a books.
6. Books on loan may be recalled at any time by the Librarian, in case the same is demanded by any other reader urgently.
7. Books and other study materials are not to be marked or damaged. Before getting the books issued, any marking/mutilation should be pointed out by the borrower at the issue counter Incharge and get his/her initials therwise the borrower will be held responsible for any damage fterwards.

Reference Section:

A separate Reference Section is maintained in the Library. In this section copies of the reports, rare books, prescribed reference books are kept. These books are not issued but made available against identity card for consultation only in the Library. This type of books are kept in a closed access in the Reference Section.

General Regulations:

1. Library is a place for study and research , strict silence is to be observed.
2. A students shall produce his Identity card whenever demanded.
3. Any infringement of the rules may forfeit the privilege of admission to Library and borrowing of books.
4. Sticks, umbrellas, hand bags, boxes, personal books and other belongings are not allowed in the Library which are to be deposited at the outer property counter.
5. Members may get reserved a book by filling in a Reservation form available at the Issue/return counter.