The library of SAI, NSEC was established in the year 1983 with a small table and very few books with the inauguration of the centre. The library is situated in the Academics Building. This library contains all related books on outdoor & games and sports sciences subjects. The journals are also being subscribed as per the recommendation of faculty members. The various administrative rule books are being purchased every year. The dictionaries of various languages available in this library. There is a sufficient stock of Hindi books. There are total 5,371 books in the collection in which 503 books are in hindi. The Assistant Librarian with one MTS is looking out the library.

Resources of Library:

The books are available in the Library on the following subjects: 

1. Accounts
2. Administration
3. Archery
4. Athletics
5. Badminton
6. Baseball
7. Basket Ball
8. Bi-cycle
9. Bio-chemistry
10. Biomechanics
11. Bridge
12. Canoeing
13. Chess
14. Coaching
15. Computer
16. Cricket
17. Football
18. Gardening
19. Golf
20. Gymnastics
21. Handball
22. History
23. Hockey
24. Judo
25. Kabaddi
26. Karate
27. Kho-Kho
28. Kinesiology
29. Lawn Tennis
30. Library Science
31. Management
32. Meditation
33. Martial Arts
34. Philosophy
35. Physical Education
36. Physical Fitness
37. Physiology
37. Research Methods
38. Rowing
39. Sailing
40. Softball
41. Sports Administration
42. Sports Anthropometry
43. Sports Medicine
44. Sports Psychology
45. Sports Science
46. Sports Training
47. Squash
48. Swimming
49. Table Tennis
50. Volley Ball
51. Wrestling
52. Weight Lilfting
53. Wushu
54. Yoga

Journals, Magazines & Newspapers are also subscribed by the library

Swamy News

Dissertations and proceedings on Sports Medicine/ Sports Sciences.

Membership Rules:

1. The officials and coaches who are on the payroll of SAI, NSEC get their membership automatically.
2. The trainees of Diploma and certificate course get their library card after admission.

Services & Facilities:

The users of Library may come to library at any time of their convenient within the working hours to consult the books. They can also borrow books. Internet facility is also available in the library. Following are..

Users of library:

1. Scientific Officers
2. Academic Coaches
3. Officers and staff members
4. Field Coaches
5. Diploma & Certificate course trainees
6. Research Scholars
7. Outside Genuine Readers

Rules & Regulations:

  1. Timings of Library: 10 am. to 1 pm & 2 pm. To 5 pm. from Monday to Friday.
  2. Only one book is issued at a time to the trainees of Diploma course for a period not exceeding 7 days.
  3. Only four books are issued at a time to the Academic Coaches and Scientific Officers for a period not exceeding 15 days.
  4. Only two books are issued to other coaches and administrative staff for a period not exceeding 15 days.
  5. Re-issue of a borrowed book (s) may be extended further for a period of not exceeding 7 days in case of trainees of Diploma course & 15 days for the Academic coaches & other staff, if there is no demand for the book (s).
  6. Defaulters are not issued books till return of the books issued to them earlier within the given date.
  7. Serials eg. Journals, magazines or newspapers are not issued.
  8. Reference books are only issued to Academic Coaches & Scientific officers for a period not exceeding 3 days provided permission is given by Incahrge Academics.
  9. If the book is damaged or lost while in the custody of the borrower, the cost of the book is recovered from the borrower.
  10. In case of lost of book from the custody of borrower, he will not be not allowed to issue any book from the library till the realization of the cost of the book.
  11. Outside students or Research Scholars may use the library for reference purpose with permission.
  12. Any one found stealing or tearing the pages of any book, journal or magazines is penalised.
  13. Only diary or not any other material is allowed to carry inside the library to note down by the library users.
  14. The user are requested to keep the books on the reading table itself after using the books.
  15. Assistant Librarian is fully authorized for check and verification of the library users as and when required.
  16. The book will be issued to the person concerned only.