Library FAQ’ s

1. What is the library opening timing ?

The Library is kept open from Monday to Friday: 9:30 am to 6:00 pm.

2. Who can use the library ?

All Officers, Staff Coaches of organization are welcome to use the Library.Trainees & Member of federations/ Academic Institutes can also use the Library for reference after taking permission from the Librarian.. The Library also provide the membership for outside readers on request basis by depositing an amount of Rs. 5000/- as security deposit which would be refundable.

3. How long can I sign a book out for ?

A book can be signed out for 15 days initially, which can be renewed subsequently twice, retaining a title for total of 45 days at a stretch.

4. What about a magazine or journal ?

Magazines and journals can be signed out for 7 days initially and can also be renewed twice

5. Are there late charges on overdue items ?

Currently there are no late charges for overdue items, however, if the book is not returned within three months from the date of issue after sending the repetitive overdue reminders, the cost of the book(s) will be recovered from the salary of the borrower under intimation to her/ him.

6. How can I recommend a book for the Library ?

Recommendations for a document can be send in writing to the Library or fill a Purchase Suggestion form which is available at Sports library Web- OPAC. Should you have any other queries please write us at, We would be happy to answer it and extend full support for the same!!