Acquisition Policy

The library must maintain a well-rounded core collections including reference sources to satisfy the regular needs of the employees, coaches and the management, subject to availability of Library Budgets. The Books and other library resources are purchased in the library through Library purchase Committee and with the approval of the Concerned Authority.

Book Selection

The book selection at Sports library is a participatory exercise involving both the library staff and Coaches, Researchers & Employees of the organization. The Library staff identifies potentially useful new materials and circulate the electronic lists of titles, printed catalogues to the concerned subject expertise to keep them informed about new publications and Coaches,Researchers & Employees evaluates the usefulness of such material and advice the library on their acquisition. The library also organizes book exhibitions on various themes of sports and allied subjects to extend an opportunity to SAI officials to recommend the books for library according to their requirement. After receiving the requisitions, the Library committee review and select the knowledge resources for the library which is finally approved by the Concerned Authority.

Recommendations/ Suggestions

The Employees, Coaches & JRFs who are on the payroll of SAI can recommend the books for the library based on their field interest or information needs. The person can send the requisition to the library in person or by email or by online purchase suggestion available at library web portal.

Purchase Procedure :

  1. The Library would then check for duplication and forward the list of recommended books to the Library Committee for review.
  2. Once approved by the Library Committee for purchase, the Library will prepare the final list of books and obtain approval from the concerned authority.
  3. Once the selection is finalized, the library has to proceed with the procurement of documents.
  4. The Library may place orders to the well recognised vendors and try to avail the maximum discount on all English & Hindi editions.

    Terms and conditions for the books suppliers or vendors:

    1. The supplier will supply only latest edition, latest reprints of the books and shall charge the price as per invoice of importer/ invoice of distributors.
    2. If an Indian edition of a foreign book is available, they will supply only Indian edition.
    3. If low priced or special edition for India is available, they will supply only that edition.
    4. The vendors will supply ready stock / readily available books within a week time otherwise the purchase order will be treated as cancelled.
    5. The exchange rates in case of foreign titles charged in bill will be as per issued by the GOC.
    6. For price verification of foreign publications and those Indian prints where the prices are not printed on the books, copies of the publisher’s/ importer’s invoice duly signed and stamped by the supplier may be enclosed for record and the originals are to be shown while submitting the bills.
    7. Proper revenue stamp will be provided by the supplier.
    8. In case any discrepancy is noticed by the Sports Library at any stage, the vendors willrefund the amount or replace the book immediately.